Friday, July 6, 2012

Part Two

This is just to assist me in practicing for the GRE. I am open to any comments and if anyone has any stories with GRE words please Email them to me at grestudentblog@gmail and I'd be glad to post them.
These are words from the Manhatten GRE flash cards that I am not so familiar with. Please correct any mistakes in usage if possible, thanx.

Some people seem to be under the impression that great writing is evidenced by the sentences being disjointed. The incoherent and disconnected phrases are deemed to be a mark of elegance. Since my disposition is to be kind and helpful, I find that the ideal method to relay information is to present it clearly and lucidly. However, one of my many faults is that I have a lack of expediency and dispatch regarding things relate to writing. I lack the speed and promptness needed to be able to write on the fly. When I attempt to do so, the writing seems to be dispassionate, as I tend to be able to convey my feelings and emotions better when I labor over the structure and wording.
As a result of this analysis, I balked at first at the offer to pursue a career as a journalist. My refusal stemmed from this inability, plus a myriad other reason. I know, I know, the writing here belies this story. The pathetic prose presented here evidence that I am misrepresenting the facts; I simply do not have capability or capacity to write a sensible article for any self respecting publication. Perhaps this may seem true. But if anyone is aware of the burgeoning market for elementary blogs and commentaries then they would understand that due to this growth of a market there is room for addition. I just wish for the day in which I can write eloquently about the bygone days of my youth! How nostalgic I become as a remind myself of my benign neighbor, so kind that he would gently put me to bed when my parents where away partying. He would protect me from my parents' capricious ways; their erratic behavior at times prone to placing me and my siblings in danger. They would come home at times and hurl caustic remarks at us, criticizing and being very critical of our mere existence. Morning would come and, in a conciliatory manner, they would attempt to reconcile the past nights events by appeasing us with treats. They failed to understand that in no way is the pain suffered commensurate to the joy goodies. The wounds of abuse are still left gaping while the momentary pleasures of life are just passing by. My father's actions where revealed by my neighbor to the city council (of which my father partook) and he was simply censured with no further action taken (aside from this trivial official reprimand). How they could condone these evils, how they could tolerate and overlook the terror that was in their midst is something that still boggles the mind. Moreover, the lack of action can be construed as a tolerance for these antics, as there seems to be no other way to interpret the events. One can argue that I must contextualize more, that I must place in context and give more background to the culture and society I lived in. I, however, argue conversely, the opposite way, to the contrary. There are objective moral standards that every parent must be held accountable to. I know this may be a contentious postulation for some, but there is no need to cause controversy, not need to involve in petty arguments. It is simply true, bad things are bad, evil parents are evil; there are no two ways about it. You don't have to be conversant it metaphysical philosophy to understand this point. This is basic to any one that had any sensibility and mind.
Dear me, it appears as though I have written with a copious vocabulary, the plenty of words are getting to my head. Studying is hard.     

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