Thursday, July 12, 2012

Iran is a Problem

There are moments in life which are so revealing. They shed light unto unbeknown nuances, realities, and frailties.
I read about Iran. I am scared. I am nervous. I am in terror. I fear the safety of relatives and friends. I fear the welfare of Israeli soldiers; of innocent women and children. I am filled with horror when I hear the rhetoric of Iranian leaders.
But then I take a step back.
I talk. I theorize. I argue and a pontificate. Should we attack or not. Should we wait or not. Should we pursue espionage or sanctions, offensive or appeasement.
But then I take a step back.
Do we have the ear of Israeli politicians? Are military strategists waiting to listen to our sagacious advice? Are our conversations constructive?    
The maturation process entails realizing that you are not in control of everything in the world. Realizing that everything is not about you. It is the acknowledgment that man is limited. What is there for man to do but pray and hope for the best.   

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