Friday, July 27, 2012

Part Four

I feel challenged. There are simply too many words to memorize. And that is merely the first step. But I must start with a word like abstemious, which means moderate in appetite. I guess this would have to do with a diet. The lack of food would be painful. I would speculate that an anodyne, something that sooths pain, would not be effective to combat hunger pains. It may very well be that there is a collusion of sorts, a conspiracy, by all the doctors to make a ton of money on dieting programs. But bear in mind that most people use dilatory measures, they intend to delay, and thus postpone their dieting to later dates. Ah, here is a word I am having difficulty with. Diffident, which means lacking self confidence, is sort of ironic since perhaps if I had some more diffidence, or self confidence, I would be able to remember this crazy word. This yet but a droll, an amusing in a wry and subtle way, of a paragraph, but it is still crucial to read and write. One thing I am certain, there will be no deleterious effects of writing this. It is merely enhancing my vocabulary. Diaphanous, is another weird one. It means to allow light into something, or to be delicate. I have no clue why this means either of these but suffice it to say that the window to my right is allowing the same sun (is diaphanous) that is shining through your window on the other side of the world. Pretty cool. And the sun cannot be fake; it cannot be ersatz. Go figure. Most naturally occurring phenomenon cannot be replicated. Or we would make another big bang. Cool. What is still funny is that I constantly am bothered by the complex that I am I bit furtive in this blog. I am secret and wish to remain so, though the pangs of guilt constantly badger me. I do not wish to pursue guile, nor deceit, but simply study for this test. And I shall do well. I don't have a history of hapless efforts, one's that are totally unlucky or unfortunate. I am indolent, lazy, and enjoy remaining idle. Thought the feeling after studying for hours is much better than the feeling after watching a marathon of TV shows. I will impugn the motives of entertainers and athletes who wish to distract us from the important things in life and have us focus on trivial things. I, like so many others, are intransigent in my beliefs. I am unwavering and uncompromising.

I have wished to be an itinerant my whole life, roaming from place to place. However, I feel that the future holds myself giving largess to others, the generous offering of money to inferiors and focus more on them than myself. Life is an onerous task, burdensome and troublesome, to those who make it be that way. For most, there is no choice, they are presented the reality, not given the chance to choose. Now for the pith of the complex, the main and central point. Life can end at any moment. Yet we all approach it with a phlegmatic attitude, the calm and unemotional grace of waking ever morn should invigorate and encourage. Yet we continue with our perfunctory smiles and hellos, not enjoying the company of others. I applaud that man is not pusillanimous, not a coward and does not lack courage. But facing reality does not mean cowardice, but rather pragmatic realizations.

I claim not to be a the prescient one, to know the future and other events. But I wish to be filled with probity, and thus demand honest and integrity. The one thing I know about the future is that I have no clue what the major event will be. What is destined for humanity is something which retrospect shows that foresight is elusive. Which profligate politician shall be raised from deprecation and who will be lowered into the abyss. Who will live and who will die. Who by fire, who by sword. Who by famine, who by wild beast. The pungent smell of the aftermath of burning tires shall dissipate and the aroma of fire of the unity of the Olympic flame shall rouse everyone. Quotidian and commonplace concerns should be replaced with the grandiose vision that will erupt and glow before all.

Man will grow restive, uneasy and impatient, with the petty concerns of life and focus on others. The reticent man's actions will speak volumes, the raconteur will tell tales of goodness. Above the stentorian cacophony of tears will rise the laughs and shouts of jubilant joy. Seditious way, of rebellion will fall aside and be replaced with loyalty. The surfeit of nourishment now in the warehouses of wealthy farmers will be disbursed willing to the malnourished. The sycophant will now pursue admirable pursuits, those in sinecure positions, the well paid but poorly worked will be rejuvenated and emboldened. Everyone will be in a salubrious state and the healthy will reign. Let the present hell be but transitory, with goodness everlasting.
I recognize the turgid prose of mediocrity are offensive, but for those who are vexed by this, the sun is rising beyond the horizon.         

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